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Exhibition Product

* Optical film and functional film/sheet

    Backlight/display film: diffusion film, reflective film, lighten film, optical composite film, polarizing film,  membrane micro lens, holographic film and OLED film, etc;
    Display film: optical protective film, optical sclerosis/scratch-resistant/blast proof and peep/ anti-dazzle/anti dazzle membrane, IMD decoration film, ITO film/conductive film, OCA adhesive tape, etc;
    Functional film (industrial) : process protective film, insulating film/car film (film), diaphragm, reflective film, graphite heat conducting film, laser film, highlight film, lithium-ion battery diaphragm, insulation film, anti-static film and soft packaging film, etc;
* Film shaping and processing
    Precision coating machine, slitting machine, winding machine, laminating machine, laminating machine; Blown film machine, extrusion machine, stretch film machine, stretching machine, stretch film machine;
* Test and accesories
    Defect detection, thickness measurement, bubbles detection, surface treatment and curing system, corona/dust removal process, cutting knife, filtering device, rubber roller, roll;
* Special unit
    Casting equipment, film strip, mixer, blender, ultraviolet radiation equipment, recycling equipment;
* Film materials and chemical products
    Plasticizer, masterbatch, adhesives, resins, inks, coatings, additives, forming agent
* Cleanroom zone
    Clean, protective system, shielding protective product, shielding
room equipment, shielding desk/table/ark, safety protective clothing, clean room supplies, anti-static products, etc.

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