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Why Visit

APFE 2019--An annual international functional film & BOPET Film event you can't miss!

Date & Time
June 12-13, 2019   -- 09:30am-17:00pm
June 14, 2019    -- 09:00am-14:00pm

The location of exhibition
National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai•Hongqiao) Hall 6.1+5.1

   「APFE」is the world's largest annual event in COATING & DIE-CUTTIN technology expo, which gatheres industries' newest products and technology to fully show in front of you.
    Materials: protective film,  functional film, BPOET film, foam shielding/insulating materials, conductive/thermal/dust/earthquake/sound insulation materials.
    Processing technology: Bopet film production line, crystallization drying equipment, extrusion machine, casting machine, loading materials, coating, drying, winding, laminating, rewinding, slitting, die-cutting/cutting, mold and other related technical equipment, ect.
    「APFE」help you set up a best communication platform, improve the industry competition advantages, look for new suppliers, collect the latest market information, find technical solutions and learn the latest technology!

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• Gather international well-known brand, bring you into the material application and manufacturing technology of the world.
Over 900 leading companies from more than 30 countries and regions will set up 2600 booths in a scale of 53300sqm, which will fully show their applied materials, technology and well-known brand equipments.

• The whole industrial chain of adhesive tape and functional film will be presenting.
 In addition to the adhesive tape and functional thin film, the exhibits will also cover the self-adheisve label materials, shielding insulation materials, conductive thermal conductivity materials, dustproof shockproof insulation materials, and die cutting/cutting processing, antistatic, precision coating, testing and measurement, base material, chemical industry, etc.

 • Asia pre-empted the launch with New products, new technology and new process
Vast well-known manufacturers will release new models and upgrade products to help assess directly and efficiently.

 • An excellent platform for the industry communication
    Best platform for high quality visitors to meet each other! Over 30,000 industrial professional visitors range from friends to upstream and downstream enterprises will present at 杏彩app下载链接-杏彩娱乐平台手机版下载-杏彩时时彩官网, share industries' best practices, explore industries' hot topics.

 • Have a comprehensive understanding and update the knowledge, skills, and market information
    Multiform business Forum and technical communication will be held during the exhibition time in the exhibition hall, so that improve its competitive advantages and grasp the pulse of market development.

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