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1. Note
Shanghai Fuya Exhibition Co.,Ltd.are the joint organizers of the The 15th Shanghai International Coating,Die-cutting Technology Expo & The 15th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape, Protective Film, Functional Film Expo, and will act as the organizations to sign the exhibiting contract and to undertake and organize the aforesaid Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee). For the purposes of this Agreement, the exhibitors refer to the companies which are allocated with booths during the Exhibition as well as their employees and agents.

2. Exhibitor application
The exhibitors accept all terms and conditions of this Agreement. The application procedure ends once the Organizing Committee and an exhibitor have signed an exhibiting contract and the advance deposit has arrived in the designated account of the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse any application.

3. Allocation and use of the booths
(1) The Organizing Committee will allocate the booths according to requests of the exhibitors and has the right to make final decisions on the booth allocation.
(2) The Organizing Committee reserves the right to alter the booth allocation according to goals and aims of the Exhibition.
(3) Any exhibitor must not sublease the booth to a third party. Without the written consent of the Organizer, any exhibitor must not use on its booth a title that is different with the title as specified on the first page of this Agreement, i.e, title of the party to sign this Agreement.
(4) The exhibitor must pay off all booth related fees before exhibiting in the Exhibition.
(5) Failure to pay off the booth related fees before this Agreement expires will be deemed as automatically quitting the exhibiting plan.

4. Exhibit transportation
(1) The exhibitors shall pay all costs of transporting the exhibits to their booths.
(2) The exhibitors shall be responsible for storage of their exhibits before, during and after the Exhibition.

5. Alteration of the Exhibition date and venue
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to alter date and venue of the Exhibition due to any external factors. The Organizing Committee shall inform exhibitors of the new date and venue a month in advance and this Agreement will remain valid.

6. Force Majeure
In the case that the Exhibition will be cancelled or postponed because the Organizing Committee deems that the Exhibition venue, the Exhibition and the related preparation work will be severely damaged or hindered or will be terminated due to the irresistible external factors (including wars, natural disasters and other restrictions), the Organizing Committee will not undertake any due obligations for the exhibitors or pay back the Exhibiting fees to the exhibitors.

7. Necessary safety measures
(1) The Organizing Committee will adopt necessary safety measures for the sake of the Exhibition’s interests, however, it will not hold liable for any loss or damage of the exhibits or other properties or personal injury of the exhibitors before, during and after the Exhibition. In the case that it is necessary to store the valuables overnight, the exhibitor shall have such valuables insured or engage special safeguard services and pay the costs hereto. The exhibitors may contact with the Organizing Committee if they need any assistance.
(2) Unless otherwise under special circumstances, it is prohibited to take any exhibit out of the Exhibition venue during the Exhibition. The exhibitors shall show their exit admission issued by the Organizing Committee to the security guards when exiting the Exhibition venue, and shall accept the security guards’ inspection before taking the exhibits out of the venue.
(3) For the sake of the exhibit safety, personnel of any booth will not be allowed to leave the Exhibition venue before the security guards check their booth by the end of each Exhibition day.
(4) Any exhibitor must not dismantle the booth with any excuse during the Exhibition. Otherwise, the Organizing Committee has the right to punish such exhibitor and claim a penalty.
(5) The exhibitors promise that their personnel or agents will not violate against the laws and regulations and will not bring any damage to the interests of a third party.

8. Fireproofing and other rules
The exhibitors must adopt necessary fire-proofing measures for their exhibits, materials and accessories and shall abide by the competent fire-proofing rules and construction regulations. Any exhibit shall not block view of other exhibitors or be denied by the Organizing Committee or make other exhibitors feel unsatisfied. Otherwise, the Organizing Committee has the right to rectify even prevent the improper exhibiting behaviors of the exhibitors.

9. Properties of the Exhibition venue and halls
The exhibitors must adopt necessary measures to ensure that all properties of the Exhibition venue and halls will not be damaged. In the case that properties of the Exhibition venue and halls are damaged, the exhibitors must compensate the Organizing Committee and the venue for their losses.

10. Additional provisions
(1) The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse entrance into the Exhibition venue of any individual for the sake of interests of the Exhibition.
(2) The Organizers reserves the right to issue any additional provision, so as to supplement this Agreement and ensure the orderly management of the Exhibition. All additional provisions are part of this Agreement.

11. Rules of the Exhibition venue
All exhibitors must abide by rules and regulations of the Exhibition venue. Failure in abiding by such rules and regulations will be deemed as violation against this Article.

12. Rules of the exhibiting halls
All exhibitors are only allowed to distribute the product catalogues and other promotional literatures on their booths, rather than the public areas of the exhibiting halls. Without prior consent of the Organizing Committee, any exhibitor must not hang or post up any advertisement within the public area of the exhibiting halls.

13. Interpreting
The Organizing Committee has the right to interpret this Agreement.


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