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Exhibition Product

All related technical equipment in the manufacturing and processing of functional film and adhesive materials:rolling materials, coating, drying, take-up, bonding, rewinding, cutting, die cutting, packaging, etc.

▶Precision coating equipment
▶Rewinding machine
▶Compound machine
▶Automatic cutting machine
▶Cutting/die cutting machine
▶Laminating machine
▶Winding machine
▶Membrane equipment
▶Tension control device
▶Struggle system
▶Static eliminator
▶evaporation/splash/CVD technology
▶Vacuum film plating equipment
▶Corona treatment
▶Surface treatment equipment
▶Drying equipment
▶UV curing coating equipment
▶Waste gas treatment equipment
▶Processing and recycling equipment
▶Protective system
▶Analysis/measurement/test equipment and related control system
▶Flexible packaging and printing equipment, etc.


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