「APFE」--- The Founder of World’s Professional Tapes & Films Event

    "Shanghai International Adhesive Tape, Protective Film & Functional Film Expo" Short for「APFE」, set up an  international trade business platform for the tape and film indutry.「APFE」, world's largest and most powerful event in tape & film is scheduled to be held in Shanghai annually. Vast leading companies come to join「APFE」, which fully show the popularity and brand influence of「APFE」in the industry!

    Invented by us in 2007,「APFE」grows with adhesive tape and film materials, technology and equipment as the organization's standard, systematically presents a complete industrial chain, successfully attract the attention of the Asian and global customers and builds up an optimal bridge for all manufacturers and buyers to find internal Chinese market.  

    In the field of fucntional film,「APFE」has the accurate understanding of market trends and provides strong boost in the development of optical film and even the entire functional film industry.

    In the field of adhesive materials, from the industrial tape, protective film, to label, foam, shielding & insulation material,「APFE」has formed the greatest platform to find the market, information and technology.



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