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【Exhibition Standard and Coverage】

1.Booth charging standard

  Domestic Zone(A/B/C/D/E Zone):

    Superior Domestic Zone(A Zone):

        RMB 11800/9㎡(min standard booth); Raw Space(≥36㎡ for leasing)RMB 1200/㎡ for the whole Exhibition Period;

    General Domestic Zone(B/C Zone):

        RMB 10800/9㎡(min standard booth); Raw Space(≥36㎡for leasing)RMB 1100/㎡ for the whole Exhibition

 General Domestic Zone(D/E Zone):

        RMB 9800/9㎡(min standard booth); Raw Space(≥36㎡for leasing)RMB 1000/㎡ for the whole Exhibition



  International Zone(T Zone):

        USD 2800/9㎡(min standard booth); Raw Space(≥36㎡ for leasing)USD 280/㎡ for the whole Exhibition Period;


   1). Foreign investment, joint ventures and corporate agents of foreign products, Whether in China or the international exhibition, exhibition uniform implementation of international prices;

   2). Chinese enterprises in the international exhibition if you select exhibitors, the exhibition will be the implementation of international prices.

2. The facility of standard booth

    Include the site, three-side exhibition board, one laminated fascia board, one negotiation table, two chairs, two spotlights, one outlet (220V) and one carpet. A 10% surcharge of the quoted price of standard booth is levied for the booth with two openings.

3. Raw Space

    Minimum rentable area is 36㎡. Exhibitors can design it by themselves. Electric power or negotiation table have to be prepared by themselves or can be rented. RMB20 per square meter for management fee and construction deposit should be handed to the exhibition hall.

4. Technical seminar

    The exhibition organizer will organize several technical exchange meetings and special seminars, and carry out the international technology and economic trade exchange, advertisement and promote products. Exhibitors can apply for conferences and choose the topic for themselves. The charge is RMB 6000 per hour.

5. Expo publications and advertisements
    30,000 expo publications will be sent or mailed to the relevant units throughout the country free of charge.

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