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Exhibition Product

A world platform contains materials, working manufacturing and processing technology!

Materials: adhesive tape, protective film, optical film, functional film, label, foam, shielding/insulating materials, conductive/thermal/dust/earthquake/sound insulation materials.
Processing technology: loading materials, coating, drying, winding, laminating, rewinding, slitting, die-cutting/cutting, mold and other related technical equipment.

Exhibition Scope:

Adhesive tape; Protective film; Highly-functional film;Manufacturing equipment and instruments;Raw material and chemical products and so on.

Exhibiton Product 

Adhesive tape: adhesive tape products of films, paper, fabric, foil, foam and other materials, including industrial tape, optical tape, electrical adhesive tape, electronic tape, printing tape, packing tape, and other adhesive tape products, as well as diecutting product.

Functional film: PE, PVC film, BOPP, BOPET Film,all types of protection films; polarizing film, reflecting film, conducting film, Compensation Film, PET/PE film, release liner/paper, insulation film, thermal film, EM film, heat transfer film, lapping film, etc

Manufacturing equipment and instruments:all kinds of adhesive tapes and functional films manufacture process relevant equipments for loading, coating, drying, rolling, laminating, rewinding, slitting, die cutting, packing, including analysis/measuring/testing instrument, cleansing protective system and related control system.

Raw material and chemical products: All kinds of adhesive tapes, raw material and chemical products, including bonding adhesive, parting agent, resin,silica gel, glue, solvent, wax, hot-melt adhesive, accessory agent, printing ink,sorts of auxiliary materials

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